Bill Parker
Loan Originator, CPA*

NMLS# 223607 | AZ MLO #0911570
Phone: 480-905-6702
Fax: 480-452-0412

*Licensed, no longer practicing, Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Bill got into real estate financing after spending a number of years in the corporate environment. After getting his Masters of Accountancy in Taxation at Arizona State University, Bill went to work for an international accounting firm. From there, after obtaining his designation as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), he was hired by one of the firm’s largest clients, where he served as their Tax Manager, then VP of Investor Relations, Corporate Communications and, finally, Human Resources.

Upon leaving that company, Bill decided to combine his interest in numbers and serving people by helping them with their home financing needs, which he has been doing since 1999. He prides himself on putting as much effort into helping first-time homebuyers navigate the lending process as he does in helping the financially astute buy their next multi-million dollar home.

In 2013, Bill was asked to write an article for the financial planning edition of the Arizona Society of CPA’s magazine and chose to focus on reverse mortgages (aka Home Equity Conversion Mortgages or "HECM"). As he continued to study and understand this unique product, he came to realize what a positive role it could play in helping our senior citizens better enjoy their retirement years. While still heavily involved in helping people with their regular "forward" mortgages, Bill has now become a HECM specialist, working to educate as many people as possible on how to best utilize a HECM in their financial planning process. He welcomes inquiries from you and/or your financial advisors.

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